Deta 12V DC Heat Alarm 712RC

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Manufacturer: Deta


Part Code: 712RC


Deta 12V DC Heat Alarm 712RC


Deta 12V DC Heat Alarm 712RC


Heat alarms are NOT life saving devices and should only be used in conjunction with smoke alarms. Heat alarms only respond to temperature and can be used in kitchens, garages and loft voids.




Up to 12 units can be connected together so that when one unit detects smoke, all alarms will sound.


Test Button
Simulates the presence of smoke and sounds the alarm (85dB at 3 meters).


Power Supply
12 to 48 volts DC


Tamper Proof Mount
Prevents unauthorised removal of the alarm


Voltage Free Contacts
Change over relay


LED Indicator
Blinks every 45 seconds to indicate normal operating conditions. Blinks continuously when smoke is detected and alarm sounds.


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