GJD Solitaire 2 Zone Expansion Unit

Manufacturer: GJD


Part Code: GJD012


GJD Solitaire 2 Zone Expansion Unit


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GJD Solitaire 2 Zone Expansion Unit


The Solitaire Expansion Unit works in conjunction with the DygiZone digital lighting controller and GJD’s passive infrared detectors. The modular design enables the Expansion Unit to be conveniently installed within easy access to a mains supply, for example in a loft or a garage. The low voltage cable link allows the DygiZone digital lighting controller(s) and Expansion Unit(s) to be positioned anywhere up to a distance of 200 metres apart. Each Expansion Unit switches two channels up to a maximum of 1500 Watts.


The versatility of these systems is that they can be expanded to control up to 30,000W of lighting. The Expansion Unit can connect to the low voltage Touch Controls and Opal XL detectors utilising low voltage cable with runs of up to 200 metres. This gives greater flexibility for the positioning and wiring of the systems to help provide a neat and efficient installation.


Features & Benefits



    • Modular Design


    • Low Voltage


    • 2 Zones available


    • Day & night Detection


    • Control up to max of 30,000W of light



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