Optex AX-100PLUS Infrared Photoelectric Beam

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Optex AX-100PLUS Infrared Photoelectric Beam


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Optex AX-100PLUS Infrared Photoelectric Beam


The AX-100/200 PLUS/ALPHA Series of active infrared dual beams are designed to provide reliable detection at external distances up to 60m. Their rugged construction and five-year warranty ensure that these detectors will provide long and dependable service.


AX beams include automatic gain control (AGC) to help compensate for loss of signal caused by fog or heavy rain. This circuitry ensures that, even with 99% of signal lost, the beams will continue to function. To further ensure reliability, beams also feature an adjustable beam interruption timer that can be set to filter out alarms from small or fast moving objects. Add to this a frost resistant cover design and lightning protection and you have a beam suitable for installations in the harshest environments.





    • Lightning and surge protection


    • Rain, dust and insect protection


    • Frost and dew protection


    • High grade aspherical lens


    • Twin synchronized pulsed beam design for greater stability


    • 99.5% beam blocking stability


    • A.G.C. circuit


    • Adjustable beam interruption time


    • 3 step LED indicator (ALPHA versions)


    • Selectable 4 channel beam frequencies (ALPHA versions)






    • Indoor: 60 Meters


    • Outdoor: 30 Meters



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