Optex AX-70TN Short Range Photoelectric Detector

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Optex AX-70TN Short Range Photoelectric Detector


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Optex AX-70TN Short Range Photoelectric Detector


The Best Short Range Photoelectric Detector


AX-TN/TF series is a compact photoelectric detector with “the IP65 high durability”, and “stable detection performance”.


These features reduce false alarms drastically caused by outdoor severe environmental changes and provide a wide range of applications.





Model AX-70TN
Detection Method Infrared beam interruption detection
Maximum Detection Range 20m (70ft.)
Maximum Arrival Range 200m (700ft.)
Interruption Period Selectable between 50, 100, 250, and 500m sec
Selectable Beam Frequency N/A
Power Supply 10.5 – 28V DC
Current Consumption (Transmitter + Receiver) 38mA (max.)
Alarm Period 2sec. (±1) nominal
Alarm Output N.C. 28V DC, 0.2A (max.)
D.Q. Output N/A
Tamper Switch Opens when cover is removed at 28V DC, 0.2A max.
Operating Temperature -35°C to +60°C (-31°F to +140°F)
Use the optional heating unit (HU-3) in conditions of -25°C (-13°F) or below
Operating Humidity 95% max.
Alignment Angle ± 90° Horizontal, ± 5° Vertical
Mounting Wall and pole mounting
Weight (Transmitter + Receiver) 650g (22.9oz.)
Housing Protection (EN 00529) IP65


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