Optex DX-60(E) Passive Infrared & Microwave Detector

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Optex DX-60(E) Passive Infrared & Microwave Detector

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Optex DX-60(E) Passive Infrared & Microwave Detector

Integrating PIR and microwave technology into attractive, easy-to install units, the DX Series provides stable and reliable detection in the most hostile of environments, where simple PIR sensors struggle to function.

The PIR element incorporates Quad Zone Logic to detect the smallest temperature contrast against the background temperature, enabling it to discriminate between humans and other sources of infrared. Additionally, the microwave sensor incorporates Microwave Area Shaping technology to prevent the unwanted detection of movement outside the coverage area. All in all, the DX Series offers unparalleled sensing performance.


  • Patented Quad Zone Logic
  • Microwave Area Shaping (Patent Pending)
  • Spherical Lens Design
  • Self Checking Function
  • Anti-PIR Tamper Function (Patent Pending)


  • DX-40E – 12m x 12m
  • DX-60E – 18m x 18m


  • FA-3 Wall and ceiling mounting bracket


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