Optex FX-50QZL Passive Infrared Detector

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Optex FX-50QZL Passive Infrared Detector


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Optex FX-50QZL Passive Infrared Detector


The FX Series is designed to provide stable and reliable detection in the most hostile of environments, where many other detectors struggle to function. The highly accurate and reliable detection pattern maintains its sensitivity throughout the detection area even in high temperature or low contrast environments such as conservatories.


Using patented Quad Zone Logic, the FX Series is able to detect the smallest temperature contrast against the background temperature, enabling it to discriminate between humans and other sources of infrared.


The superior SQ versions are designed for the commercial market and utilise Super Quad Zone Logic for even greater reliability. They also incorporate Double Conductive Shielding, which helps minimise false alarms from direct or reflected sunlight and car headlights.





    • Patented Quad Zone Logic


    • Patented Double Conductive Shielding (FX-50SQ/50SQL)


    • Temperature Compensation


    • Spherical Lens Design


    • Sealed Optics


    • Selectable alarm memory polarity (FX-50QZL/50SQL)


    • 100% factory-tested for reliability






    • FX-50QZ – standard model featuring Quad Zone Logic


    • FX-50QZL – FX-50QZ with alarm memory latch


    • FX-50SQ – superior model with additional Double Conductive Shielding


    • FX-50SQL – FX-50SQ with alarm memory latch



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