Optex SQ-60 Sequential Confirmation Detector

Manufacturer: Optex


Part Code: SQ-60


Optex SX-60 Sequential Confirmation Detector


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Optex SQ-60 Sequential Confirmation Detector


The new SEQUAD and Super SEQUAD are unique in that two PIR sensors are contained inside one housing, providing reliable sequential confirmation without the need to install two separate units. This saves time and money and, because SEQUAD sensors use proven PIR technology, false alarms are kept to a minimum. The Super SEQUAD now includes patented Double Conductive Shielding which provides greater protection against extreme light and RFI interference.


SEQUAD sensors are designed to be mounted in the corner of a room, with one sensor providing twin-zone coverage along each of the two walls and the other covering the central area of the room. When a door or window is opened, an alarm is generated one of the side detection patterns. If an intruder then enters the room a second alarm is activated by the central detection pattern, providing a sequentially confirmed activation.


Key Benefits



    • DD243:2004 Compliant


    • Uses proven PIR technology for proven reliability


    • Sequential Confirmation is one of the most popular and reliable methods of providing confirmed activations


    • The two detection areas of the SEQUAD do not overlap – as required by UK ACPO policy


    • A non-confirmed alarm system can be upgraded to be sequentially confirmed using existing cabling


    • Each SEQUAD only requires one cable run






    • Separate Double Area Configuration (patent pending)


    • Patented Quad Zone Logic


    • Advanced Temperature Compensation


    • Noise Reduction Processing


    • Spherical Lens Design


    • Sealed Optics






    • SQ-40SP – 12m x 12m with Double Conductive Shielding


    • SQ-60 – 18m x 18m standard model






    • FA-3 Wall and ceiling mounting bracket



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