Texecom Premier Odyssey 2E

Manufacturer: Texecom


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Model: FCB-0001


Texecom Premier Odyssey 2E


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Texecom Premier Odyssey 2E


External Sounder & Stobe Units


The Premier Elite Odyssey 2 & Premier Odyssey 2E provide a highly visible alarm deterrent. Delivering a high performance sound and signalling solution, this range is perfect for demanding installations


Based on the fully featured Premier Elite Odyssey external sounders, the Premier Odyssey E audible and visual alarm signaling devices are perfect for protecting premises that require maximum security whilst optimizing value


Premier Odyssey 2E external sounders feature:



    • Single Piezo Sounder Producing 109dB(A)


    • IP44 Enclosed Electronics Module


    • Lid & Wall Tamper Detection


    • Patented Engineer Hold-Off Mode


    • Range of Colours Available


    • PD6662:2010 Grade 2 Class IV


    • EN50131-1, EN50131-4 Grade 2 Class IV




Supply Voltage: 12-16 VDC (13.7 nominal)
Current Drain (typical at 13.7VDC): Strobe: 100mA
Ody 2: 405mA 190mA 30mA
Ody 2E: 285mA 160mA 30mA
Quiescent: 18mA
Standby Battery: Type: NiMh Stack
Voltage: 7.2VDC (nominal)
Capacity: 250mAh
Flash Tube: 1Ws Xenon
Flash Rate 1Hz (typical)*
Discharge Time (<60VDC): <180 seconds
Comfort LEDs Brightness: 100mcd (typical)
Flash Rate (tamper secure): 1Hz alternating (typical)





Volume (SAB mode at 13.7VDC) Ody 2: 115dB Peak at 1m (A Weighting, 90˚)
Ody 2E: 109dB Peak at 1m (A Weighting, 90˚)
Cut-Off Time: <15 minutes
Environmental Protection: Ody 2: IP65 Ody 2E: IP44
Operating Temperature: -25˚C (-13˚F) to +55˚C (+131˚F)
Storage Temperature: -25˚C (-13˚F) to +60˚C (+140˚F)
EMC Environment: Residential / Commercial / Industrial





Material 3mm Ploycarbonate
Tamper Detection Ody 2: Wall, screw & lid Ody 2E: Wall & lid
Dimensions (h x w x d) 242mm x 382mm x 76mm
Packed Weight 1600g approx


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