Yuasa 12V 0.8AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Manufacturer: Yuasa


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Yuasa 12V 0.8AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery


Yuasa 12V 0.8AH Sealed Lead Acid BatteryDatasheet

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Yuasa 12V 0.8AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery





Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries




Reliability is your security 
Yuasa NP, NPC and NPH batteries utilise the latest advance design Oxygen Recombination Technology. Yuasa have applied their 80 years experience in the lead acid battery field to produce the optimum design of Sealed Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries. Yuasa NP batteries are the most reliable batteries in the world, which is why industry choose Yuasa over any other battery for securityfireemergency lighting anduninterruptible power source (UPS) applications.

Superb recovery from deep discharge.
Electrolyte suspension system.
Gas Recombination.
Multipurpose: Float or Cyclic use.
Usable in any orientation (except continuous inverted).
Superior energy density.
Lead calcium grids for extended life.
Manufactured World wide.
Application specific designs.

Technical Features
Sealed Construction
Yuasa’s unique construction and sealing technique ensures no electrolyte leakage from case or terminals

Yuasa NP valve regulated lead acid batteries having excellent deep discharge recovery characteristics coupled with long life on float standby, are ideal for numerous applications in both cyclic and standby modes. They are the ideal security battery for alarm systems; the ideal battery for fire systemsthe ideal battery for emergency lighting; and the ideal battery for uninterruptible power source.  For further advice on the use of NP batteries in your particular application please contact our Sales Office.


General Specifications


Nominal Capacity NP0.8-12
20hr to 1.75vpc 30°C 0.8
10hr to 1.75vpc 20°C 0.74
5hr to 1.70vpc 20°C 0.68
1hr to 1.60vpc 20°C 0.48
Voltage 12
Energy Density (Wh.L.20hr) 65
Specific Energy (Wh.kg.20hr) 27
Int. Resistance (m.Ohms) 270
Maximum discharge (A) 4
Short Circuit current (A) 12
Length 96
Width 25
Height overall 61.5
Weight (Kg) 0.35
Terminal I
Layout 6
Terminal Torque Nm


Additional information

Weight 0.35 kg


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