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Manufacturer: Electronics Line (Risco)

Part Code: INF-WSM

Electronics Line Wirefree Sounder Module

Electronics Line Wirefree Sounder Module

The INF-WSM is a wireless sounder module designed for use with the infinite wireless control panel. This module enables the infinite system to interface with most popular external sounders. The unit will be most suitably located in the loft space, where a short hard-wired run to the external sounder and a 240V spur suitable for the low voltage plug-in power supply can be most easily achieved.


Provides full power requierments and a secure wirefree connection for virtually any external hardwire siren assembly.

  • Compatable with virtually all wired external sounders

  • 13.8V DC output

  • Plug in power supply

  • 12V DC back-up battery

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