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Manufacturer: Optex

Part Code: CX-702

Optex CX-702 Passive Infrared Detector

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Optex CX-702 Passive Infrared Detector

The CX 702 Series is designed to give extremely stable long-range detection performance in a variety of internal commercial and industrial applications. With patented Multi-Focus Technology, sensitivity is maintained through the entire coverage area, even in high temperature areas or in applications with low temperature contrast. Combined with Double Conductive Shielding and Temperature Compensation, a high level of false alarm protection is guaranteed.

A number of design features combine to make installation particularly easy, including a dual-purpose lens for simple selection between wide-angle and long-range patterns and ‘Double Easy-Knockout’ enabling neat and accurate cable holes to be created for two different thicknesses of cable.


  • Multi-focus technology

  • double conductive shielding

  • temperature compensation

  • sealed optics

  • spherical lens design

  • dual purpose optics: wide-angle 21x21m or long-range 2.4x45m

  • 3-step lens angle adjustment

  • remote LED control

  • EN 50131-2-2:2008 compliant

  • PD6662:2010 compliant grade 2


  • 21m x 21m


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