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Manufacturer: Electronics Line (Risco)


1 x Infinite Prime Panel

3 x INF-PIR Motion Detectors

1 x INF-MAG Magnetic Switch

1 x INF-MFB Multi-function Keyfob

1 x INF-WES Wireless External Sounder Built-in

PSTN Communicator Speech Dialler

Electronics Line Infinite Prime Wireless Home Burglar Alarm KitUser Manual Electronics Line Infinite Prime Wireless Home Burglar Alarm KitUser Guide

Electronics Line Infinite Prime Wireless Home Burglar Alarm Kit

Wirefree Home Security and Management System

Prime offers the professional installer a comprehensive and reliable intruder alarm solution that can be fitted with ease and minimum disruption to the customer's property. Secure transmission methods, long battery life and superbly designed detection accessories enable the installation of Prime to be trouble free and more importantly wire free!

Whilst the primary role of the Prime is that of a highly secure intruder alarm, it's full capabilities can offer the end user many functions that at last combine protecting the property with helpful features that will be used every day.

Prime is easily expandable by a series of plug-in modules that allow the end user to enjoy the full benefits of the system.

Prime can be installed to BS-EN50131:2006 Grade 2 Class 2.

Main Infinite® prime features

■ Integral speech dialler

■ Integral digital communicator

■ Remote set / unset using standard phone

■ Audible message memopad

■ Voice indication of set / partset / unset

■ No-Motion zone type available

■ Upload/download via PSTN or local USB

■ Attractive Cool Blue display


Self Monitoring
Self monitoring of the alarm system is possible by using the integrated speech dialer. Essentially a DTMF dialler that can be easily programmed to dial up to six numbers either after an alarm event or upon manual request from the system user. When a call is received from the system the answering party can enter a pre-agreed code which opens two way speech communication via the panels on board speaker and microphone, particularly useful if the system is used as an emergency contact system for the elderly or infirm.

Professional 24 Hour Monitoring
Unfortunately an alarm siren will not always have the desired effect of summoning assistance so Infinite® prime offers an alternative. Setting up an account with a dedicated 24 hour monitoring service will ensure an immediate response to an alarm event. Infinite® prime is able to communicate with most professional central monitoring stations in SIA and Contact ID protocols. Some monitoring services will also be able to take advantage of Infinite® prime’s two way full duplex audio capability.

INFP-GSM – Mobile Phone Connection (optional)
The INFP-GSM module fits neatly inside the main Infinite® prime panel. Once fitted with a suitable GSM Sim card virtually all communication functionality of the system can be carried out via the GSM network. Ideal for locations where a fixed land line is unavailable. The INFP-GSM also enables Infinite® prime to send alerts, receive instructions and even control home automation devices using SMS.

Home Automation (optional)
Infinite® prime embraces x-10 technology via the INFP-HA home automation module. Up to 16 x 240v devices around the home can be automatically controlled to activate or deactivate at preset times or on demand with no extra complicated wiring required. An x-10 receiver is introduced between the appliance plug and it’s normally used socket allowing Infinite® prime to "talk" directly to the appliance via the 240v mains ring. The appliance can then be switched on and off remotely using the Infinite® prime INF-REMCON or INF-MFB or the panel itself or by a pre-set schedule programme, ideal for giving an impression of activity when the property is unattended.

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