Texecom Premier Odyssey 1E

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Manufacturer: Texecom


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Texecom Premier Odyssey 1E


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Texecom Premier Odyssey 1E


External Sounder & Stobe Units


The Premier Elite Odyssey 1 & Premier Odyssey 1E redefine the standards that external sounder and strobe units are judged by. Texecom’s commitment to quality, design and innovation make this the obvious choice for installers and end-users alike.


Based on the fully featured Premier Elite Odyssey external sounders, the Premier Odyssey E audible and visual alarm signaling devices are perfect for protecting premises that require maximum security whilst optimizing value.


Premier Odyssey 1E external sounders feature:



    • Single Piezo Sounder Producing 109dB(A)


    • IP44 Enclosed Electronics Module


    • Lid & Wall Tamper Detection


    • Patented Engineer Hold-Off Mode


    • Range of Colours Available


    • PD6662:2010 Grade 2 Class IV


    • EN50131-1, EN50131-4 Grade 2 Class IV




Supply Voltage: 12-16 VDC (13.7 nominal)
Current Drain (typical at 13.7VDC): Strobe: 100mA
Ody 1: 405mA 190mA 30mA
Ody 1E: 285mA 160mA 30mA
Quiescent: 18mA
Standby Battery: Type: NiMh Stack
Voltage: 7.2VDC (nominal)
Capacity: 250mAh
Flash Tube: 1Ws Xenon
Flash Rate 1Hz (typical)*
Discharge Time (<60VDC): <180 seconds
Comfort LEDs Brightness: 100mcd (typical)
Flash Rate (tamper secure): 1Hz alternating (typical)





Volume (SAB mode at 13.7VDC) Ody 1: 115dB Peak at 1m (A Weighting, 90˚)
Ody 1E: 109dB Peak at 1m (A Weighting, 90˚)
Cut-Off Time: <15 minutes
Environmental Protection: Ody 1: IP65 Ody 1E: IP44
Operating Temperature: -25˚C (-13˚F) to +55˚C (+131˚F)
Storage Temperature: -25˚C (-13˚F) to +60˚C (+140˚F)
EMC Environment: Residential / Commercial / Industrial





Material 3mm Ploycarbonate
Tamper Detection Ody 1: Wall, screw & lid Ody 1E: Wall & lid
Dimensions (h x w x d) 318mm x 201mm x 67mm
Packed Weight 1250g approx


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